Independence Day Thoughts

(I intended on having this out in time for Independence Day, but that didn’t happen. So, better late than never!)

Happy Independence Day! I think…

The definition of independence is to be free from the control, influence, support, aid, or such of others. July 4 is the day America celebrates our nation’s freedom from the British empire. However, since the June 26th announcement (to change the marriage laws) contrary to the word of God, says that the nation now celebrates independence from God.

We have become what we are as a nation because we’ve always held God and His word in high regard. And the fact that our Supreme court took it upon themselves to speak for our nation to make such a decision, obviously independently of God, says that they don’t want His control, His influence, His support or His aid.

I did just a little bit of research on our pledge of allegiance and I found that it didn’t always state “one nation under God”. I thought that was quite interesting. As a matter of fact, in my research, I found that the pledge that we now say went through four other revisions before it settled on “one nation under God”. These revisions happened over the course of 62 years! So, I was quite shocked because I thought that it had been that way all along!

Further research led me to find that the “under God” that we are all so familiar with was first suggested by a man named Louis Albert Bowman in 1948. However, it wasn’t settled on until 1954 when Pastor George MacPherson Docherty brought forth a message that was based on the Gettysburg Address in which he said that President Lincoln’s words “under God” was what would set the United States apart from other nations. Now isn’t that something? Well, sitting in that church, listening to that message, was President Eisenhower who was very impressed. Impressed enough to see to it that the revision was made. Amongst other words, he said, “in this way we shall constantly strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our country’s most powerful resource, in peace or in war.”

Smh. Didn’t someone once say, If you don’t know your history then you’re bound to repeat it? I wonder did the Supreme court consider what kind of nation we were trying to be back then when they made their decision to “update” the constitution and bring America into the 21st century where anything goes and we try to accommodate every one even if their views don’t line up with our historical views.  Oh, let me back up a bit: They try to accommodate everyone except for the Christians, the Bible believers. So, if President Eisenhower thought that adding the words “under God” would set the United States apart from other nations, what did our redefining marriage just do? Hmm…let’s pray!

Almighty God, and Father of our soon coming King, we plead for Your mercy! We pray for those who yet say that You aren’t real–may they come to know You in a saving way. Do them as you did Saul on the road to Damascus. I pray for a convincing converting work in their hearts and minds! Leave them in a state of complete change for Your glory and honor! Father, I pray for those who are caught up in any sinful lifestyle. Send the power of the gospel to set them free! Finally, Lord, I pray for strength to maintain, to boldly proclaim, to remain faithful for every born again child of God. Keep us unspotted from the world and let us be able to stand. I bind the spirit of discouragement and the spirit of fear. I loose “good courage” and God-pleasing faith. Send an effectual, fervent praying spirit into each and every blood washed believer. Send forth mighty laborers to reap this mighty harvest of people wondering “what must I do to be saved?” We thank you in advance. In the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!


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