Prayer to be Constant in Changing Times


This world is not like it used to be. There are innumerable opportunities to be fearful, distraught, without any hope, doubtful, sad, confused, hurt, angry, or feel helpless. But, as I was reading the thought for today, it focused on YOUR unchanging nature and character. It mentioned how assuring that is and I agree. If we focused only on the things that the news reports or the attitudes of the world or people around us, we would feel so powerless and discouraged. However, being reminded of WHO GOD IS and that nothing furrows YOUR brow; nothing causes YOU to scratch YOUR HEAD; nothing happens that YOU weren’t altogether already aware of—it doesn’t catch YOU off guard or by surprise—all of this encourages me to really get to know YOU more. It motivates me to trust YOU more because of YOUR unchanging character. I think about how some people love and think the world of you one day and the next day, it’s like “who are you?” People and things are unreliable, they change with the times, they are variable! But, YOU stay the same—same holiness, same love, same power, same wisdom, same understanding.

FATHER, I love YOU. I want YOU to live in me. I want the things in me to line up with YOUR program—YOUR way of doing things. Please rid me of the things that hinder me and weigh me down. Change my viewpoint, so that I will be able to say, in any situation, like Paul, “Rejoice, and again I say, Rejoice!” I pray for myself and the people around me—that we would not be ever learning and never come into the knowledge of truth. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life—help us to discover JESUS and we will know truth. Not only do we need to know truth, we need to keep on knowing it. Truth must be established, strengthened, deeply rooted in us—so that when the world and its theories come along, it CANNOT uproot the truth of God in us.

News story after news story reports on killings and catastrophes as a result of man’s inventions failing. GOD, help us to keep our trust in YOU. God, as I pray for healing, I pray more for an awakening—open our eyes, tug on our hearts, speak clearly that we may hear, strengthen our resolve, strengthen our Godly confession and walk, establish us in the faith, gird us with strength for the battle, dress us in peace, anoint us with oil, help us to utterly resist the pull of the world to change with the times and finally cause us to live day to day yielding to YOUR urge to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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