Prayer for Those With Influence to Be Influenced By God

When I wrote out this prayer, I listed several people that are famous or people that I know that left the true gospel for another gospel. Before you agree to the words in this prayer, think of the people that you know that are influential–write down their names and believe God that Godly influence would prevail and that they’d use their platforms for the kingdom of God.

Father, I pray that the anointing that breaks yokes would fall into the lives of the following people: (name those that are currently using their influence for evil and not good), their enablers and those that are influenced by them. Bring forth a strong deliverance—stronger than the strong delusion they are currently under. I pray that their eyes would be open and they would experience You, for real! I pray that they would turn from their wicked ways and use their platforms to bring glory to You and to testify to the change that only God, the one true God, brings. I pray for the teachers of the Word and the Christians in general—that we would not feel as if we need to water down the word or compromise holy standards to win the lost. Please enable us to live consistently faithful and righteous lives through Jesus Christ who strengthens us and the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord, where we are weak and struggling, make us strong. Areas in which we are poor, make us rich (where it counts). I pray that the joy of the Lord would truly flow from us as a well of living water. Send the change that we need Lord. Oh, how great is our God! How truly great is our God! May the world see how great our God is, how mighty, how holy before it’s everlasting too late. May the above mentioned people make the decision to change and receive everlasting life in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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