God’s Plans Always Prosper

Joseph found himself at the bottom of a pit. Never did he imagine that this is where he would end up. Especially after such a vivid and clear promise was given to him in a dream that he’d rule over his brothers and even his parents! And this was just the beginning! More events would happen in Joseph’s life that seemingly contradicted what he dreamed.

My! What a spot to be in?! Things like this can really make you question if what you know happened, really did happen.

God definitely revealed this dream to Joseph. However, in a matter of years, the promise still isn’t realized and he’s now sitting in a prison under a false accusation. But God uses Joseph even in prison and he is finally set free and promoted to work very closely with Potipher-the highest ruler, whose wife initiated the claim that landed Joseph in prison. Talk about things turning around for good.

Abraham and Sarah found themselves in the middle of a “too good to be true” promise from God. They both were way too old, by man’s definition, to bear children. But God said it would be. He didn’t didn’t say maybe. He said it shall surely come to pass. They had the promise but it seemed to take so long and they weren’t getting any younger. After so long, they decided to help bring God’s promise to pass. But it wasn’t according to God’s plan. So, their way didn’t work. It actually made things worse. But God redeemed the entire situation and, though delayed, His promise to Abraham & Sarah came to pass. 

How about Job who was highly esteemed by God and didn’t know it? God called Job a perfect and upright man. However, the trials that he faced could’ve totally convinced him otherwise. In fact, that was the devil’s intention – he hoped that Job would “curse God.” But God had Job in His hands, the devil on a leash, and the entire situation was under His control. Job’s trials ended up making Job stronger, wiser and able to trust God more. In the end, God revealed His heart for Job and blessed him with more and better than what he had before! 

Many can relate to a dream unrealized. Maybe even something that you know God showed you, but it hasn’t come to pass. Or maybe you find yourself in the middle of a trial that seemed to have come from nowhere and for no reason. Allow the story of Joseph, Abraham & Sarah or Job to rekindle your faith. If God is in it, things will work out because they’re His plans, not yours. When it doesn’t look the way you thought it would or it’s taking longer than you thought it’d take or obtaining the promise seems more challenging than you’d imagined or prepared for, remember if God is in it, it will work out.

You might be hindered along the way or feel your prayers are being hindered, but I’m reminded of God’s words to Daniel–“…Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words.”

Prayer: Lord, You know all about what I am going through. You are concerned. It’s the enemy’s job to try to discourage me. Help me to be aware of his strategies to blind me to your “Jeremiah 29:11” plans for me. Help me to fight his lies with Your truth. Bless my brother or sister who’s reading this and give them Your strength and steadfastness. I pray for the assurance that they are overcomers to fill their hearts and minds right now. Make them like a tree that is planted by rivers of waters. Let them not be moved (Psalm 1:1-3). Thank You, in advance, for the victory! To You, O Lord, be the glory! In the mighty name of Jesus! Amen! 


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